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Gigats is more than a job board; it's your portal to a new career.

Manage your job search through all of the Gigats applications - from discovering new opportunities and researching work place environments to networking and making contacts with other professionals in your field. Gigats was designed to give job seekers the tools to make smart decisions about where to work.

Register once and receive easy access to all of the websites and applications in the Gigats network to maximize your job seeking efforts. In fact, you may already be registered. If you are, we'll let you know.

Don't keep your

accomplishments secret

Let the World Know How Great You Are

Be proud of what you've done. Open up your resume and let employers find you.

Too often resumes are treated like secrets. They're locked away from the world, accessible only to employers who pay to see them. But, if a resume is a list of your accomplishments, shouldn't you be anxious to share them with anyone and everyone who wants to see them?

Open Resume takes the lid off of the secrecy and puts your resume out there for interested employers to find you through a simple search that costs them nothing. No longer will your resume be a commodity for someone else to use to earn profits. Regain control of your resume and use it the way you want it to be used.

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Be the first to make a first impression

Get job alerts sent to your phone a full day ahead of others. Be the first to make a great impression!

It's just as important to make an impression first as it is to make a good first impression. Like the proverbial bird that rises early to nab the worm, you want your resume to cross the desk of hiring managers before the other guy's does.

Install the Early Bird app on your smart phone and be alerted the moment a job matching your criteria is posted to Gigats.

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The best jobs are the ones you never hear about

The best jobs might very well be the ones you never knew existed.

Companies don't always post their job openings on job boards. Instead, they prefer to rely on recruiters or internal job systems. That can make them impossible to find for the common job seeker. Hidden Job Source collects these jobs so members can search and apply for them. It's like being wired into a secret network of great career opportunities.

Hidden Job Source operates on the "give and ye shall receive" concept. Posting hidden jobs that you know about gives you access to hidden jobs that you don't. Since the jobs aren't widely publicized there will be less competition, and applicants will have a far greater chance at being hired.

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It's time to give the boss a performance review.

Learn what your next boss is really like, and let others know if your last boss should be avoided.

There's nothing worse than accepting a job and realizing that it was a mistake because your new boss is a jerk. Wouldn't it be nice to know more about the boss before you accept the job?

Rate My Boss is the place to not only research prospective employers, but to review your current boss to help others make an informed opinion. Read hundreds of reviews about workplaces in your area and contribute by reviewing the bosses you're worked for in the past.

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Connect your social network with

your professional network

It's all about who you know. You may be linked to someone who will transform your career.

Too often finding a job is who you know and not what you know. Job hunting has gone social. You've built a large network of friends online, and they're your best source for finding a new job.

Harness the power of your Facebook network by installing the BeLinked Facebook app you have total access to your Gigats account through Facebook, as well as a unique tool that enables you to build a network of referrals that can be leveraged in your job search.